Back-to-School Box

Back-to-School Box

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When we went to college, we had Ramen and Twizzlers. This Box is about 20 steps up from that, but still has delicious snacks for late nights on-campus or online!

Our Back-to-School Dorm-Life Minimal-Cooking Yummy Healthy-ish Box includes enough food for several friends to share (or one very hungry, growing student for at least a week):

Apples, Pink Lady apples, 2 lbs.

Avocados, Organic, 2

Bananas, 1 lb.

Blueberries, 1 pint

Cherries, 1 bag (approximately 2.5 lbs.)* OR Green grapes, 1 bunch (approximately 2 lbs.) and Red Grapes, 1 bunch (approximately 2 lbs.)

Mandarins, 1 bag

Peaches, 2 lbs.

Pears (mixed varieties), 2 lbs.

Baby Carrots, 1 bag

Baby Cucumbers, 1 lb.

Russo’s Hummus, 16 oz.

Pita Bread, Bay State Bakery (Brockton, Mass), 4 pitas

Cheddar Cheese, Grafton, VT, 8 oz.

Green Mountain Creamery, Greek Yogurt, mixed varieties, 2 containers of 5.3 oz.

Whole Milk, High Lawn Farm, (Lee, Mass) one-half gallon 

McCann’s Instant Irish Oatmeal variety pack, 10 packages

Maple Syrup, Williams Farm Sugarhouse (Deerfield, Mass), 100 ml.

Ceres Juice, mixed varieties, 33.8 fl oz

Plantains Chips, approximately .61 lbs

Kettle Brand Potato Chips, mixed varities, 8.5 oz

Gummy Bears, approximately .95 lbs

Chocolate Peanut Caramel Patties, approximately .85 lbs

Kids Munchie Mix, approximately .61 lbs

Hiker’s Trail Mix, approximately .80 lbs

Popcorn, Indiana Kettlecorn Popcorn, 5.5 oz

*as cherry season ends this month, we will replace with bunches of red and green grapes