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Juice Box


We nicknamed this the "Dara Box" after our good friend Dara who loves to make fresh juice every morning for her entire family! We love to juice with these ingredients and we also love to eat them plain. Thanks to Tony Russo for selecting this assortment of fresh produce! Enjoy!

Kale, 1 bunch

Lemons, 2

Oranges, 1 lbs.

Apple (mixed varieties), 2 lbs.

Carrots, 2 lbs.

Ginger, 2 pieces

Celery, 2 heads

Romaine, 1 head

Cucumber, 3

Spinach, 1 lb.

Fennel, 1 head

Banana, 1 bunch

Mangoes, 2

Mint, 1 bunch

Coconut (young coconut for coconut water), 1